The Kingdom of God

Jesus took a poll a long time ago. In that poll we find that only 2 out of 7 assemblies were doing what they were supposed to do. Because Jesus said to Peter..” Thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church….”, we have to understand what it was that Jesus was telling Peter. What Jesus was saying to Peter is that God is a Spirit and we who worship God must worship in Spirit and in Truth.

There is no a building on this earth that can house God. The earthly building is not where God resides. God resides inside of each and every human being on this earth who has the heart to know God or want to know God. It does not matter what your state in life is, God can make his foundation on you stronger than any building. Until we understand that, we are chasing shadows by seeking out the earthly instead of the heavenly. These lessons in Revelation is referencing churches. What Jesus is talking about in all of these lessons, is YOU.

God wants children who want to know him. All you have to do is talk to the Spirit of God. There will be times ahead where you need to be sure, who God is, because the evil one will be there ready to take your soul.

Even though this lesson references “church or churches”, we must individually examine our relationship with God and it does not matter if you are Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or any other religion. God’s salvation and judgment is on each and every human on this earth.

I am saying this on a personal note and I do not care who gets offended. I am sick and tired of Christians bashing Jewish people, Jewish people bashing Christians, everyone bashing Muslims, and other religions, because Jesus said “He who is least in the Kingdom is the greatest.”

When God comes for judgment and all that is written it this book, your religion will not matter. The building you worship in, will not matter. Your skin color will not matter. Where you were born will not matter. The only thing that will matter is what is truly in your heart, and ONLY GOD can see that.